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2018 Vendor Information

Announcing an opportunity for vendors to have a 10×10 space for only $25.00! The Hardscrabble Planning Committee invites you to participate in our annual “Crafts, Wares, and Cares” Hardscrabble Day Vendor Faire! This year there is room for many more vendors because we have moved all vendors to better locations. Your choices are the Key Bank Green Lot or Memorial Park. Every year our celebration gets larger, and the foot traffic has become too crowded when displays are set up on the sidewalks. The central village needs to be accessible for people to roam freely without congestion. We need to make the Hardscrabble experience easier for people to visit their favorite restaurants and local stores while heading in the directions where you the vendors will be!

This year we want to show off Red Hook, its people, and our traditions to the thousands of visitors that will join us in our annual celebration! What better way to do that then sell great crafts and treasures, and we are moving up the ante to provide a higher profile area with plenty of parking and green space.

Please plan to join us, bring your families and friends, and be an active part in what only Red Hook can offer.

There are three registration forms, be sure to fill out the right one.

  • Food (separate pricing and requirements) “Food Vendors”
  • Crafts, gifts, merchandise (hours of sale are from 10 AM until 4 PM) “Crafts and Wares.”
  • Not-for-Profit (10 AM until 4 PM) “Red Hook Cares”

Vendors must bring your tables, chairs, 10×10 canopy and merchandise. There are no Garage Sales or Flea Market items in this sale. All of your items and yourself must fit into your 10×10 area. Please remove any trash when you pack up for the day.

Check our Website and Facebook sites for the full schedule of the day’s events. Let us know which location you want for your set up. Will it be the Key Bank Lawn or the Memorial Park?

Do not forget to send in your completed form and money as soon as possible. The cutoff date is September 10, 2018. Placements are by the date of your application and spaces available in your designated location. If you need further information about our new vendor areas or fees, please contact Emily Trapp at

Make checks payable to Hardscrabble Community Association

Mail the registration and payment to: Jennifer Norris Red Hook Village Hall 7467 South Broadway Red Hook, NY 12571 

2018 Vendor Form

Food Vendor Form

Nonprofit Vendor Form