Map courtesy of Miles of Smiles Directions Co.

Parking is available throughout the Village of Red Hook:

P1: By the Community Center: 59 Fisk St., Red Hook, N.Y. 12571

P2: By Lucoli: 7476 S. Broadway, Red Hook, N.Y. 12571

P3: By Linden Avenue Middle School: 65 W. Market St, Red Hook, N.Y. 12571 + high school parking lots

P4: By Rhinebeck Bank and RH Town Hall lots

P5: By St. Christopher’s School: 30 Benner Rd., Red Hook, N.Y. 12571

P6:  Parking in the CVS lot

P7: Rear of Cole Auction and CVS


NEW THIS YEAR: There will be a free shuttle bus from Dutchess County Transit running from the parking areas to the main area!

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